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Welcome to the Social Play Academy.

The Social Play Academy specialises in running "gamified" social skills groups for kids and teenagers.


Learning and practicing social skills should be FUN.
All programs run by the SPA have been specifically designed around fun, engaging and highly-social games. Group members learn social skills, and enjoy themselves while doing so!

Our Principles:


Social skill teachings should be deeply rooted in evidence!

All SPA programs utilise evidence-based techniques and strategies. Each program is a part of ongoing research into effective social skills training for kids and teenagers.


Social teachings should extend beyond the group setting.

Our programs focus on being as generalisable as possible; simulating real-life interactions in the gamified sessions, while reinforcing skill development with positive social experiences.

Simply - the Social Play Academy creates
fun and engaging evidence-based groups for
kids and teenagers.

Learn more about our programs here:

Group Information.

Location: Adelaide, South Australia.

All Social Play Academy groups are run at the offices of Connect Psychology, located in Collinswood (Adelaide metropolitan area) and Aldgate (Adelaide hills area).

Frequency: Groups are run each term to coincide with school weeks, commencing in Week 1.

Times: Groups are run after school from 4.00-6.00pm, and on Saturdays at varying times.

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