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Evidence-based. Generalisable.
Social Skills Groups.

The Social Play Academy specialises in running "gamified" social skills programs for kids and teenagers.

Dragons of the Spectrum Social Skills Program

Our Programs

The Social Play Academy is currently running three programs: DOTS, AOD, and the DOTS+ program.

Dragons of the Spectrum
Alliance of Dragons
Dragons of the Spectrum Plus

Disclaimer: This is not Will Ellison, the Social Play Academy's Founder & Creative Director.
This is an artist's impression of Will Ellison if he was born a brave paladin instead of a nerdy Psychologist.

Will Ellison Psychologist

Who We Are

The Social Play Academy was established in 2021, by Psychologist Will Ellison. Will started the Social Play Academy with the sole focus of finding more effective ways of developing social skills in children and teenagers.

All programs run by the Academy have been designed to be a comprehensive clinical intervention, and are facilitated by registered Psychologists.

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