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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone participate in these programs?
Although the SPA programs were designed around children on the Autism Spectrum, any child or teenager can participate. The ages listed under each program merely provide guidelines for the relevance of the social skills.

What skills are required to participate in SPA programs?
Each program requires simple math skills (adding, subtracting), and basic attentional resources.

Do group members require any previous role-playing/wargaming experience?
No. The DOTS and AOD games are completely original, and groups learn to play each across sessions.

What does my child need to bring to sessions?
All resources required to participate are provided at each session. Your child may like to bring a drink bottle if they choose.

Can I use my child's NDIS funding or Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)
to pay for the programs?

NDIS: Yes, if social skills are specified in your child's NDIS plan, NDIS funding can be used
to cover the entire cost of the program.
MHTP: Yes, if a group-specific MHTP is in place, you will be able to access a rebate
for each session attended.

When are Social Play Academy groups run?
Group programs are held after school from 4.00-6.00pm, and on Saturdays at varying times.
Groups lasting 10-weeks are run to coincide with South Australian school terms.

Where are Social Play Academy groups run?
Currently group programs are only being run in South Australia, in Aldgate and Collinswood, at the offices of Connect Psychology.

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