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The Social Play Academy currently offers two distinct social skills programs for kids and teenagers.

The Dragons of the Spectrum.
The Alliance of Dragons.

And one expansion program.

The Dragons of the Spectrum PLUS.

Each group has been developed around unique gaming formats, and focus on different age-relevant socio-emotional skills.

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The Dragons of the Spectrum

The Dragons of the Spectrum (DOTS) Social Skills Program utilises an original tabletop role-playing game to teach children important social skills.

Set in a fantasy universe, group members create characters, defeat enemies, learn important skills, and use these skills on challenging adventures.

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The Alliance of Dragons

The Alliance of Dragons (AOD) Social Skills Program has been developed around an original "wargame" to improve complex social and relational skills.

Set in the same fantasy universe, group members  build, earn and paint armies, and engage in cooperative and competitive "battle scenarios".

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The Dragons of the Spectrum PLUS

The Dragons of the Spectrum PLUS (DOTS+) Social Skills Program is an expansion program to DOTS, and still utilises the same original TTRPG.


DOTS+ involves a more complex set of social skills, as kids learn to be the Game Master!

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Future Programs

All programs run by the Social Play Academy are designed to facilitate ongoing, long-lasting social exposure.

​Once group members have completed the DOTS and  AOD programs, they will be able to go on adventures (DOTS) and complete their own battle scenarios (AOD) against their friends, family, or group mates.

Further social skill development is also offered through the Social Play Academy, by way of the DOTS+ 'expansion' group, as well as AOD "open" groups.

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