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The Dragons of the Spectrum PLUS

​The DOTS+ program has been developed as an extension of the original DOTS group. Instead of creating their own characters and going on facilitator-led adventures, this time groups members will be learning to be a Game Master, creating and leading their peers on their own adventures.

In addition to building upon the skills developed in the DOTS program, children learn a wider, more demanding range of social skills in DOTS+.

​Group size: 3-4

Recommended age: 10+

Sessions: 10 weekly, 120 minutes each


Social Skills targeted: Self-awareness, Theory of Mind, Flexibility, Leadership, Collaboration,
Giving and Receiving Feedback.

DOTS+ Information

Across 10 weekly two-hour sessions, group members will:

- Learn to play the role of the Game Master

- Create their own fantastical adventures

- Learn social skills important for successful adventures

- Lead their own adventures

- Receive and respond to feedback to become a
better Game Master

Click here to download the DOTS+ Information Sheet
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