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The Dragons of the Spectrum

The Dragons of the Spectrum (DOTS) Social Skills Program is a group intervention that focuses on improving social and communication skills in children and adolescents.

​The DOTS program is the first of it's kind, combining traditional social skills training with an original, engaging tabletop role-playing game.

By participating in the DOTS program, children learn social skills, and then use these social skills on different cooperative, fantastical "adventures".

Group size: 4

Recommended age: 10-13 years

Number of sessions: 10

Duration of sessions: 120 minutes

Social Skills targeted: Self-awareness and social-awareness, Teamwork skills, Asking and responding to questions, Emotional regulation skills, Independent and group problem-solving skills, Social expectations, Assertiveness, Self-Reflection skills.

DOTS Group Information

Across 10 weekly two-hour sessions, group members will:

- Learn to play the DOTS role-playing game

- Create their own fantastical characters

- Learn social skills important for successful adventures

- Go on engaging, highly social adventures utilising these specific social skills

- "Level up", and become more powerful adventurers!

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