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The Alliance of Dragons

The Alliance of Dragons (AOD) Social Skills Program is a group intervention that focuses on improving complex social and relational skills in children and adolescents.

The AOD program has been developed around an original tabletop "wargame", with this game being used to develop and reinforce a wide range of key skills. ​​

By participating in the AOD program, children learn specific cognitive, communication and social skills, and then use these social skills to navigate different "battle scenarios" in which they work collaboratively as a team or competitively against one another.

Group size: 3-4

Recommended age: 13+ years

Number of sessions: 10

Duration of sessions: 120 minutes

Social Skills targeted: Friendship skills, Theory of mind, Managing conflict, Complex problem-solving skills, Emotional regulation, Autonomy and independence.

AOD Group Information

Across 10 weekly two-hour sessions, group members will:

- Learn to play the AOD tabletop war-game

- Create and earn different units that make up their army

- Learn various cognitive, communication and social skills important for success in AOD

- Design and paint their army to represent them in battle

- Identify goals and complete important take-home tasks

- Complete cooperative and competitive "war scenarios"

Information for Kids

The Alliance of Dragons (AOD) is a tabletop war-game!


​When you play AOD you get to:

1. Build an army

Choose to build you army from one of five different races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Goblins.


2. Design and paint your army


3. Complete take-home missions to earn more powerful units


3. Use your army in epic battle scenarios to earn rewards!

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