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The Alliance of Dragons

The Alliance of Dragons (AOD) Social Skills Program is a group intervention that focuses on improving complex social and relational skills in children and adolescents.

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The AOD program has been developed around an original tabletop "wargame", with this game being used to develop and reinforce a wide range of key skills. ​​

By participating in the AOD program, children learn specific cognitive, communication and social skills, and then use these social skills to navigate different "battle scenarios" in which they work collaboratively as a team or competitively against one another.

Group size: 3-4

Recommended age: 13+ years

Number of sessions: 10

Duration of sessions: 120 minutes

Social Skills targeted: Friendship skills, Theory of mind, Managing conflict, Complex problem-solving skills, Emotional regulation, Autonomy and independence.

AOD Group Information

Across 10 weekly two-hour sessions, group members will:

- Learn to play the AOD tabletop war-game

- Create and earn different units that make up their army

- Learn various cognitive, communication and social skills important for success in AOD

- Design and paint their army to represent them in battle

- Identify goals and complete important take-home tasks

- Complete cooperative and competitive "war scenarios"

Information for Kids

The Alliance of Dragons (AOD) is a tabletop war-game!


​When you play AOD you get to:

1. Build an army

Choose to build you army from one of five different races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Goblins.


2. Design and paint your army


3. Complete take-home missions to earn more powerful units


3. Use your army in epic battle scenarios to earn rewards!

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